Flora and Fauna

Bird Watching

… more than 80 bird species have been spotted on our farm and surroundings! 


… some of the wild animals, reptiles and creatures that can be spotted on the mountains and hills around us! 


… here are only some of the miriad of flowers and plants that can be spotted on the farm and surrounding mountains and hills!

Birds spotted on the Farm by Cape Bird Club and others:

Come and find the unchecked ones!

Apalis,   Bar Throated 
Barbet,   Acacia PiedX
Batis, CapeX
Batis, Pririt 
Bishop,   Southern RedX
Boubou,   SouthernX
Bulbul, CapeX
Bunting, CapeX
Bunting, Lark   Like 
Buzzard,   Jackal 
Canary,   Black-headed 
Canary, CapeX
Canary, White   throatedX
Canary,   Yellow 
Chat,   familiarX
Chat, Karoo 
Chat, Sickle   wingedX
Cisticola,   Grey backed 
Cisticola,   LevaillantsX
Coot, Red   knobbedX
Cormorant,   Reed 
Crow, Cape 
Crow, PiedX
Cuckoo,   Klaas’sX
Dove, Cape   TurtleX
Dove,   LaughingX
Dove, Red   eyedX
Dove, Rock 
Drongo, Fork   tailedX
Duck, Yellow   billedX
Eagle, BootedX
Eagle,   Verreauxs’X
Egret, Cattle 
Eremomela,   Karoo 
Falcon,   Peregrine 
Flycatcher,   FairyX
Flycatcher,   FiscalX
Goose,   EgyptianX
Goose,   Spurwinged  
Goshawk, S.   Pale Chanting 
Grebe, Little 
Greenbul,   SombreX
Guineafowl,   HelmetedX
Heron, Black   headed 
Hoopoe,   AfricanX
Ibis, African   SacredX
Ibis, HadedaX
Kestrel, RockX
Kingfisher,   GiantX
Lapwind,   Blacksmith 
Lapwing,   Crowned 
Martin, RockX
Mousebird,   SpeckledX
Mousebird,   White backedX
Nightjar,   Fiery neckedX
Pigeon.   SpeckledX
Pipit African 
Plover, Three   bandedX
Prinia, KarooX
Quail, common 
Quelea, Red   billed 
Raven, White   neckedX
Robin, Karoo   ScrubX
Robin chat,   CapeX
Rock Thrush,   CapeX
Seedeater,   Protea 
Seedeater,   Streaky headedX
Shelduck ,   South African 
Shoveler,   Cape 
Shrike,   Common FiscalX
Siskin, CapeX
Sparrow, CapeX
Sparrow,   HouseX
Sparrow, S.   Grey HeadedX
Sparrowhawk,   BlackX
Sparrowhawk,   Rufous chested 
Spoonbill,   AfricanX
Spurfowl,   CapeX
Starling,   CommonX
Starling,   Pale winged 
Starling,   PiedX
Starling, Red   WingedX
Stonechat,   African 
Sugarbird,   Cape 
Sunbird,   MalachiteX
Sunbird,   Orange breastedX
Sunbird,   Southern Double collX
Swallow,   Greater stripedX
Swallow,   Pearl breastedX
Swallow,   Whilte throated 
Swift, AlpineX
Swift, LittleX
Swift, White   rumpedX
Teal, Red   billed 
Thrush, Karoo 
Tit-Babbler,   Chestnut ventedX
Tit-Babbler,   Layard’s 
Wagtail, CapeX
Warbler,   African Reed 
Warbler,   Lesser Swamp 
Warbler,   Namaqua 
Warbler,   Rufous eared 
Warbler,   Victorin’s 
Waxbill,   CommonX
Weaver, CapeX
Weaver,   Southern MaskedX
White-eye,   CapeX
Whydah, Pin   tailed 

Birds spotted on the Farm 2021…

 …by Dominic Tuffin and with the kind assistance of Lynette Boshoff of The Birding Life

Species primary nameSpecies tertiary name
African StonechatSaxicola torquatus
Bar-throated ApalisApalis thoracica
Black CrakeAmaurornis flavirostra
Black-headed CanarySerinus alario
Black-headed HeronArdea melanocephala
BokmakierieTelophorus zeylonus
Booted EagleHieraaetus pennatus
Cape BulbulPycnonotus capensis
Cape BuntingEmberiza capensis
Cape CanarySerinus canicollis
Cape Robin-ChatCossypha caffra
Cape Rock ThrushMonticola rupestris
Cape SparrowPasser melanurus
Cape SpurfowlPternistis capensis
Cape WagtailMotacilla capensis
Cape White-eyeZosterops virens
Common MoorhenGallinula chloropus
Egyptian GooseAlopochen aegyptiaca
Familiar ChatOenanthe familiaris
Fiery-necked NightjarCaprimulgus pectoralis
Fork-tailed DrongoDicrurus adsimilis
Giant KingfisherMegaceryle maxima
Hadada IbisBostrychia hagedash
Karoo Scrub RobinCercotrichas coryphoeus
Levaillant’s CisticolaCisticola tinniens
Little Rush WarblerBradypterus baboecala
Malachite SunbirdNectarinia famosa
NeddickyCisticola fulvicapilla
Pale Chanting GoshawkMelierax canorus
Pied StarlingLamprotornis bicolor
Purple HeronArdea purpurea
Red-billed QueleaQuelea quelea
Red-knobbed CootFulica cristata
Ring-necked DoveStreptopelia capicola
Rock KestrelFalco rupicolus
Rock MartinPtyonoprogne fuligula
Sombre GreenbulAndropadus importunus
Southern Double-collared SunbirdCinnyris chalybeus
Southern FiscalLanius collaris
Southern Masked WeaverPloceus velatus
Southern Red BishopEuplectes orix
Speckled MousebirdColius striatus
Speckled PigeonColumba guinea
Spotted Eagle-OwlBubo africanus
Streaky-headed SeedeaterCrithagra gularis
White-backed MousebirdColius colius
White-throated CanaryCrithagra albogularis
Yellow-billed DuckAnas undulata